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Affordable Hosting
  • Affordable Hosting

Cygnatech Hosting, from Linux Servers to WordPress

Lightening fast websites, backed by independent tests.

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Other Services

The Cygnatech Brand is full of other services focusing on your business needs and security.

  • Cygnatech Communications

Cygnatech Comms recommends CallSwitch

From small scale solution to full Callcentre & business rollouts, we have you covered.

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  • Cygnatech Backup

Backup & Disaster Recovery

What if you lost all your data today? How long could your business survive? Cygnatech Backup is a complete unlimited backup and disaster recovery service.

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  • Hamilton Systems

Get an IT partner that cares

We are not just looking to increase our revenue, our goal is to know more about your business and help you grow through technology.

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Hamilton Technology Solutions
Hamilton Systems Ltd

“We tailor IT solutions that suit your needs. Our key focus is on your Cyber Security and making sure your IT infrastructure is set to scale.
Cygnatech Hosting is just one of the products we have to achieve this experience.”

Carl Hamilton

Marketing Director

Let’s Make Things Happen

We would love to have a chat to discuss any Hosting requirements. Looking to change your phone system? We can definitely help.

I lost my phone last year while on a train and Carl very kindly tracked me down and arranged for me to pick it up from his house.

He went out of his way to help me (a complete stranger) regain the phone which was very helpful.

Thanks to Carl, obviously a man you can trust and rely upon.

Adrian Ladbury

A stranger we just had to help.